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Natural gas engine conversion, installed by Lyles Utility Construction has helped businesses in Kings County and Kern Country reduce outgoings by enabling businesses in Kern County and Kings County to stop relying on electricity or expensive propane to power their machines. Lyles Utility Construction together with owners, engineering manufacturers and other various public agencies on these California natural gas pipeline projects, has been able to design and take action to complete these major natural gas engine projects in an efficient manner.

Lyles Utility Construction works closely with the owners, our engineering partner and the owner’s engine manufacturer during the design and construction of the natural gas pipeline conversion project. To keep all our projects on track and within budget, we rely on sophisticated systems for estimating and scheduling. Schedules are updated weekly to help clients plan for when pipeline projects will become operational. Teamwork, organization and efficiency are major parts of Lyles Utility Construction’s philosophy, especially with intricate projects like natural gas pipeline conversion.