Lyles Utility Steel Pipeline Contractor

Steel pipeline projects can span hundreds of miles or can consist of shorter connections linking a distribution center to a storage facitlity. Regardless of the length, the installation must be carefully choreographed to meet construction schedules and seasonal weather conditions and Lyles Utility Construction takes pride in being able to meet both requirements by having an team of expert steel pipeline contractors

Underground steel pipeline installation, inspection and repair/replacement are among the specialties of our crews in King’s County and Kern County. Our steel pipeline contractors also often receive task-specific training from leading public utilities such as SoCalGas and PG&E. Clients can count on our expert crews for installing, testing, upgrading, or maintaining any natural gas or steel pipeline project.

In addition, Lyles Utility strives to use the latest technology to increase the efficiency of our fleet of vehicles. We see the value in investing in newer vehicles that help raise the fuel economy of our fleet, and all of our equipment conforms to standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). We also do our best to avoid unnecessary trips whenever possible. By utilizing video conferencing, trip linking and online collaboration technology such as WebEx we are able to meet with clients without using fuel or adding mileage to our vehicles.

Lyles Utility Construction specializes in the installation and maintenance of pipelines and related facilities for gas transmission and distribution. We also provide services for power and communications conduits, vaults and substations; water-related construction projects, including pipelines, treatment plants and pumping stations; and solar, wind and other renewable energy work.

Lyles Utility Steel Pipeline Contractor