Utility Locating and Potholing Services

Lyles Utility Construction specializes in an extensive variety of engineering services including underground utility verification by means of traditional hand excavation or vacuum excavation.  Our vacuum excavation service utilizes pressurized water in combination with vacuum to safely excavate material to expose and visually confirm buried utilities. This methodology substantially reduces the costs of locating and verifying substructures by minimizing the man-hours needed to perform the task.  Our clients also experience savings in site restoration due to the relatively small excavation areas that require “hard” or “soft”-scape repairs.

In conformance with state law, Lyles Utility Construction notifies Underground Service Alert (USA) prior to performing excavations.  After excavation and upon visual inspection of each utility, we document it’s alignment, elevation, material type, size, and depth from surface. This information is then collated into a project specific report and transmitted with photos back to our clients for their use.

We are an environmentally conscious company and only use chalk based locate paints and potable water during excavation and backfill.  In conjunction with local authorities, we utilize SWPPP Best Management Practices to ensure that no water is allowed to escape our work area and flow in to natural tributaries or drain inlets.  We are a full service contractor and can provide a turnkey solution for all of your “utility locating” needs.