Women-owned WBE/ CPUC Certified

Lyles Utility Construction is a family-operated, women-owned WBE/CPUC Certified.  Recently awarded its Women’s Business Enterprise certification. 

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued General Order 156 (GO 156) in 1988. Under GO 156, all investor-owned electric, gas, water and telecommunication utility companies with gross annual revenues in excess of $25 million and their regulated subsidiaries and affiliates, are to develop and implement programs to increase the utilization of woman and minority owned businesses. 

Women-owned and WBE/CPUC Certified

Certification of eligible suppliers was designed to encourage, recruit, and utilize woman and minority owned businesses by participating utilities. By receiving the WBE Certification, Lyles Utility Construction is identified as an eligible, certified supplier in a centralized database used by many utilities to search for suppliers and when matched with a purchasing requirement, our certification speeds the contracting process.

Lyles Utility Construction is women-owned WBE/CPUC certified but is also a family-operated  company.

“At Lyles Utility, we offer talented, hard-working individuals the opportunity to join a family-owned business on a consistent growth path. Here, you are a name, not just an employee number.  Our policy of promoting internally whenever possible creates plenty of opportunities for upward advancement.”
– Tami Lyles, President