8” Plastic Natural Gas Pipeline Installation – Atwater, CA

This design-build project was performed under a “PG&E Applicant Install” agreement which allowed for significant cost savings and schedule acceleration over the traditional “PG&E Utility Install” method. Lyles Utility Construction was the prime contractor and worked closely with the owner, our engineering partner, PG&E and the various public agencies and landowners during the design, permitting and construction of the project. This was a shared project between two owners, Gallo Cattle Co. and Foster Farms, and allowed them to convert the fuel supply at their processing plants from private propane systems to PG&E natural gas. To make the conversion, Lyles Utility Construction installed 39,000LF of 8” HDPE transmission gas pipeline. Upon completion, the facility was dedicated to PG&E who will own and operate the pipeline within their utility infrastructure.