Bonanza Ranch Natural Gas Well Conversion – Bakersfield, CA

Project: Convert  pump drivers from electric motors to natural gas fueled engines.

End Result: Owner captured significant operational savings from this conversion.

Lyles Utility Construction was the prime contractor on this design-build project in Southern California that allowed for the conversion of the pump drivers on the existing onsite Bonanza Ranch water production wells from electric motors to natural gas fueled engines with angle gear drives. Lyles Utility Construction worked closely with the Owner, our engineering partner and the Owner’s engine manufacturer during the design and construction of the gas pipeline conversion project.

Lyles Utility Construction installed 77,000LF of 2”, 4” and 6” HDPE distribution pipelines and 25 each 1 1/2” HDPE service pipelines. Upon completion of the gas pipeline conversion project, gas was delivered via a metered service provided by Southern California Gas Co. and the Owner captured significant operational savings.